Månadsarkiv: november 2006

Student make millions on online gaming – and get deported

According to Kotaku, Wang Yue Si, a chinese guy studing in Japan, who have made millions (both in yen and dollars!) on selling virtual weapons etc. on online games has been deported from japan for breaking the rules attached to his student Visa. The bank got suspicious when he regulary sent home big amounts of money and contacted the police. When it got clear that Yue Si made big amounts of money without the right (according to Japanese imigration laws) to do so, he lost his visa and got promptly deported.

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Just another day

Well it’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood
A beautiful day in the neighbor-hood
Can’t go wrong, I feel strong and the flavor’s good
I’m wit whateva comes my way, hip-hop hooray
Latifah’s on vacation, I’m just plain on day to day
I strap out, step out in every direction
Glock, tech’s, jimmy hat’s, in case I need protection
So I land cruise, play I wanna be’s
A kid in the increase gettin jack right in front of me
So I pull the tech close, my finger’s on the trigger
Don’t wanna get wet, so they step
Cause mine’s is slighty bigger
But better yet, I’ma threat, so ya better walk
Or get sketched out in chalk, cause I don’t wanna talk
I stay true blue, I’m hopin it’s you too
I got the fever for the flava of a??????
So it’s back to the block time to play
It’s just another day around the way, hey

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