Complete list of domains blocked under the Swedish TLD ”.SE”

Question from reader: I am interested in a domain under the Swedish ”.se” TLD, but it does not seem to be neither registered or available! On a whois i see this status flag:

*domainname.status:              SYSTEM

Does it mean that the domain is reserved for future use or otherwise unavailable?

Answer: Yes, that domain is unfortunly unavailable and it is highly unlikely that it will be released for registration in the nearest future. The registrar have made it impossible to register several domains including those who is the same as existing country codes, some branded numericals or other wise all too generic names. Some are also reserved for other reasons.

You can find a comprehensive list of blocked domains on NIC.SE subsection for barred domains, please not that the public list is not complete. In addition to the domains listed these series are also blocked:

  • All numerical combinations in the format dddddd-dddd that can be used to  generate a Personnummer (personal social security id code based on an individuals day of birth).
  • All numbers in the series 900 000 – 909 000 formatted as 90xxxx-x and 90x-xxxx
  • 90 000, old national emergency telephone nunmber

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