Finally a good perl IDE for OS X!

For years I’ve been using the fantastic editor SubEthaEdit for all my development work in OS X. I use it for pretty much everything: editing html, text files,  code perl and php stuff, but I’ve always missed good perl integration. It has been anoying to switch to a terminal window just to debug perl code when php editing is so swift.

A few days ago I stumbled over Affrus and it was love at first sight.

Affrus offer stepped execution with breakpoints and a whole bunch of advanced features  that I miss from the well built Borland ide’s back in the DOS-days. The registration cost is almost $100 – but I’m happy to pay that when the evaluation period is over!

6 reaktioner på ”Finally a good perl IDE for OS X!

  1. hmm,. I’m going to try SubEthaEdit later. getting back into C++ so that might be nice compared to used nano. although I enjoy staring at a terminal hehe.

    you know of anything like Affrus that handles C++? I might get into perl more later on and will be interesting in giving this Affrus a shot though.

  2. SubEthaEdit is great, check it out 🙂

    For C++ – have you tried Apples XCode?
    It’s huge but might be what you are looking for (it’s also free).


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