IRC – now even more legit for work

No news for us nerds: IRC is one of the best protocols for communication. There is clients for every OS, in all kind of flavors. And with help of an bouncer or using screen you will never lose track of the conversation after being AFK. 

But it has been quite hard to pitch the 23(!) year old protocols to suits and art directors.

Enter Grove, a services that combines the best of both worlds:

Grove provides its users hosting, user accounts, channel access controls, and searchable archives, as well as a swanky Web-based client. But it still allows all the benefits of an open protocol like IRC, so team members can use whatever client app they desire on any device. Grove lists a few recommended apps on different platforms, as well as the easy instructions for connecting, at Hosted, Searchable IRC Chat For Teams ( Via Hacker News)


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