RHEL up2date and Ensim suexec cause ”Internal Server Error”

Just to remind myself:

  • The next time you update Apache via up2date on an RHEL Ensim-box remember that ”no ensimized packages” mean ”almost non ensimized packages with crucial execptions”.
  • The next time high security sites and cgi-scripts are non functional – check if suexec has been updated before you spend hours on the forums and Ensim’s clueless support.

cd /usr/sbin
cp suexec suexec-backup
cp suexec-ensim suexec
service httpd graceful

It’s been a while

The other night I turned on my xbox and continued where I was the last time. The timestamp on the saved game in Doom 3 said ”October 15 2005”.  Doom was just as boring as I remembered.

I decided to check out Xbox Live since the house got a stable connection these days. $30 for a 3 month ”trial” to play the games I’ve already paid good money for? Are they kidding me?
I need to get rid of that POS.

The joy of learning new stuff

(or: Gosh, I wish I found this out a decade ago)

Now and then I need to install perl modules outside the regular library dirs. Most often because of an temporary installation in userspace but also when I use FINK to quickly install complex bundles on my powerbook. Since it’s most often just is a temporary installation for debugging or development purposes I’ve coped with adding an extra -I parameter to the shebang. Until last night when I fell over this monster API from hell. Not only did it demand an enormous amount of dependencies to be installed – it looked like every goddamn single 4-row test program and module needed each one of them.

For evaluating I would have to spend the whole night modifying source code. So I said ”fuck it” and googled away.

The solution was of course painfully simple.

In ten years of tinkering with Apache I’ve managed to miss the directive that loads the mod_env module which can be use
to modify the environment variables that is set before calling CGI-scripts. Two rows to uncomment and asimple directive to add to the config:

SetEnv PERL5LIB ”/path/to/libs”

mod_env’s directives can even be used in .htaccess overrides. Damn. After all these years …

MMORPG.COM and Voyage Century in March nVidia EN7600GS giveaway

The online gaming community MMORPG.com has teamed up with Voyage Century for a all gamers March contest. The graphics card is one of twentish prizes, including model ships, or point cards for the game.Voyage Century is a world exploration game set in the Age of Sail. Spanning the globe of the 15th to the 18th century, you can choose any of several nationalities and professions to play.
Read more about the contest here